LQ Outpost 2019

Near Nakusp British Columbia - Jan 20 - 27 2019

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map showing routes for six days of touring

Ski Routes

LQ Outpost (https://valkyradventures.com/lodge/the-outpost-mount-lequereux/) is a back-country self-serviced hut (plus sauna) about 30km south-east of Nakusp BC. Five of us were up there for six days of skiing. The hut is at about 7200ft, accessible only by helicopter, with wonderful tree skiing below and alpine terrain above.

We had six days of most excellent skiing. Fresh snow when we arrived, and another 10-15cm for the first few days. We found steep and stable lines among the trees down from the hut. Fresh snow and good stability - we could find almost no new slab even with all the fresh snow.

LQ Outpost 

View from the window one evening


Some Highlights

Sunrise  On the way home  Collecting Water  Wood Stove 

Before, During, and After

Heli  InTheCabin  Beer  Beer 

20 Jan - Heli In and Settle In

Heli  InTheCabin  Beer 

21 Jan - Boarderland and Broom

Skinning  Skinning  Skinning 
Outside the hut  Mark's new hat  View 

22 Jan - Windy & Machine - Robin breaks a binding

Skinning  Skinning  Transition  View 

23-26 Jan

Skinning  Skinning  ElfBasin  ElfBasin 
Skinning  Skinning  Transition  Transition 
Transition  Transition  Transition  Transition 

Transition  Transition  Transition  Transition 

Logs and Descriptions

    Up(ft) Dn(ft) Laps Time Map  
20 Jan Heli in, beacon practice Total 27,050 Total 27,070 Total 24 Total 40:40 Ski Routes Heli in, Bell 205 (8-passenger) As usual for this group, some problems. Lino's bags did not fly with him to Kelowna on Sat, so Robin, Mark, Lino had to spend the night in Kelowna, get up early, and drive to Burton. Tom and John had uneventful flights into Spokane and drive up to Nakusp, with dinner (Indian) in Castlegar.
21 Jan Boarderland & Broom 4,040 4,020 3 5:15 Day 1 Started about 8:30, down into Boarderland and Broom. Mark and Tom got cliffed and had to head skier's left to a gully. We then skinned up Boarderland. Another run down center, then skier's right. 3 laps in all Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese ? by Lino.
22 Jan Windy & Machine - Robin's binding 5,140 5,080 4 8:00 Day 1 Started down Windy and half-way Robin's binding broke. He could still skin but could not lock the heel. Robin headed back to the hut to attempt repairs, Mark, Lino, Tom, John did another 2 laps on Windy, then headed over to Machine for 1 long lap. Dinner: Chicken in cream & pesto suace over fetuccine, by Tom.
23 Jan Windy, Broom, Boarderland 4,370 4,550 4 6:35 Day 1 First run down Windy, great snow & pitch at the top. About 2/3 down cliffed and dicey. Sluffs at the top, running about 100m. Skinned back up and over to Broom. Runs 2 & 3 on Broom through the trees. Great snow. Skin up very warm. Run 4 on Boarderland. Snow not quite as good, but wide open sweeping turns. Dinner: JH's Thai curry recipe ??.
24 Jan Machine & Magic (Windy) 4,660 4,660 4 7:00 Day 1 First 2 runs on Machine. Robin & Tom separated from John, Mark, Lino. 2nd run about 1000ft, beautiful big spaced trees. Third run trying to get over to Magic / Windy. Some really steep NW-facing slopes down to the lake, great snow. 4th run down the north-facing Magic / Windy. The top was open, soft snow. Then choke point and the bottom and open apron. Dinner: Tastee-bites with chicken ??
25 Jan Spear (Broom) 3,810 3,720 4 6:35 Day 1 Went looking for Spear, NW-facing off Broom. Hiked up ridge to 7300ft. Then slabbed down, N, to about 6600ft. Really steep trees. Finally found the open avy path at about 6300ft. Lapped it twice. Finally, a long skin around Broom to the bottom of Boarderland. Found an extension of what we had skied before. Skin back was long. Dinner: ??
26 Jan Magic (Windy) and Boarderlands 5,030 5,040 5 7:17 Day 1 1st run Magic, skier's left, to the bottom. 2nd Magic right, cliffed, half lap. 3rd finally to the bottom. 4th was Boarderland, then skiers left into the wide open apron. Went down to about 5500ft (about 1500ft run). Dinner: ??